This assembled team is dedicated to success. In building Self Made Art Gallery we are building a family.

Creator and main Artist Torri Ann Kennedy

Torri Ann Kennedy

Torri Ann Kennedy

Hi my name is Torri. I am the main artist of "Selfmade" I do mostly black and white drawings but my favorites are portraits with a splash of color. I started "Selfmade" as a way for me to help new and struggling artist. While showing them how to help each other.

Darold Lee Kennedy

Darold Lee Kennedy

Hi my name is Darold also know as Deejay. I'm the co-owner of my wife's art gallery  " Selfmade"  and also a collaborating artist. I had always had a passion for art until after high school. I started getting serious working in the food industry since those days. Then I met my wife and her love for art resurrected my passion which made me want to be a collaborating artist in her gallery. 


Micolynn Sankey

Hello my name is Micolynn, known as Micki born and raised in Chicago, IL. As a child I would go with my mom to her job as a window designer and be amazed. She could take a plain manikin in a empty room and with a few things make it so beautiful. Through those great experiences and others like it, I've had a desire to make things beautiful and organized all my life. When my daughter Torri followed in the family foot steps I was ready to cheer her on. I will be helping out in every way I can and look forward to working with you.

Warm design for a classic downtown Loft



Original pieces of art handcrafted in Savannah. All pictures shown are available in print or on it's original canvas. 

John Lennon
Black Love

A trendy Savannah establishment gets a signature look.


Open your mind to a new way of seeing the world. Through the eyes of our new generation of up coming great artist. 


Black Letter Society

Restoring this historical hotel


Bring a little light into your life with the style and flare of color. Color enhances any space and puts just the right amount of excitement in to any ones day.

New Birth

High-end living in the Upper East Side


Things remembered are special to us always but new adventures lead to new memories. Make your memories special with "Selfmade"


praying hands.jpg

Savannah's favorite hotel goes high-end


Art should enhance the beauty that the camera could not capture. Let us help you accomplish finding and capturing the beauty in your life.